Queen Destra rules Karambouly 2016

Destra took the stage and stole the show. By Renesha Waldron
Destra took the stage and stole the show.
By Renesha Waldron

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – “Queen of Bacchanal” was announced over the large speakers and automatically, crowds of people who were occupied with the delicious aromas of food and endless drinks were drawn together.
The fireworks burst signaling the massive talent about to grace the stage, matching the excitement already in the air.
It was clear from the minute she revealed herself: Destra owned the night.
As if her name alone put everyone under a spell, everyone opted to leave their free food behind and instead grab their drink and head to the stage to see our beautiful “Queen”.
Dressed in a black lace top, leather fringe skirt and blinged out platform heels with spikes on the heels, Destra embodied the ultimate Trinidadian woman, a sexy-fierce goddess ready to amaze any crowd before her.
And that she did.
Performing a collection of her lengthy career’s music, from Aur Chale to last year’s hit Lucy, Destra always delivers whether she is showing everyone how to ‘Dip and Ride’ or engaging the crowd with her magnetic personality.
Other performers in attendance included Ravi B., Rikki Jai, Roy Cape and Naya George whose music undoubtedly amped up the patrons for Carnival season.
All around the Twin Walls Compound in Southland were white tents showcasing the best in Trinidadian delights from roti and curry to chocolate mousse. And of course, what would a Trini all-inclusive fete be without the liquor? On top of the usual rum and whiskey, the Riccadonna Asti and Prosecco kept flowing in the abundance of champagne flutes.
Karambouly 2016 was definitely the fete to eat and drink your belly full. But Ms. Destra Garcia was truly the one to make you burn off those calories as all it took was the sound of her name and that unmistakable voice to keep everybody jumping and waving, a fun reminder for the crowd of why they came in the first place.
She’s our Queen indeed and Destra showed everyone why she has earned that title as she was clearly the one to shut things down.