Racist’s name removed from Hall of Residence at UWI St Augustine Campus

Now Freedom Hall

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The oldest Hall of Residence at the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) St Augustine Campus has officially dropped the name of a racist British Colonial Governor in South Africa.

What was once Milner Hall of Residence, named after Lord Alfred Milner, is now Freedom Hall.

The process to review the name started last October, after having gained approval of the  Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GPC) on the recommendation of a report compiled by Pro Vice-Chancellor Alan Cobley, Professor of South African History.

The report confirmed the association of Lord Milner with crimes against humanity in Africa among other actions driven by his self-proclaimed ‘British race supremacy’ ideology.

The name review process included a series of consultations with key stakeholders of The UWI St. Augustine Campus, including Hall residents and a wider call to all students, staff and alumni to recommend alternative names.

The final decision was made on the recommendation of current residents of Milner Hall.

The new name was approved by both the Campus Finance and General Purposes Committee earlier this month and the University-wide Finance and General Purposes Committee on Tuesday.

Campus Principal, Professor Brian Copeland expressed his satisfaction with the process.

“I am pleased that due process was followed with transparency and that consultation was prioritised. The result is a new name and our new focus will be on helping our students, particularly the residents of Freedom Hall to adjust to the change,” he said.