Redemption Road radio series triples listenership for season 2

By Nicole George

Meet the cast

Almost 200 000 listeners tuned in worldwide over an eight-week period week (October-November 2019), to hear season two of the popular Dominican radio drama, Redemption Road. The gospel themed radio series is produced by, a subsidiary of Dominican owned media house TDN

Season one of Redemption Road debuted in October 2018, and depicts the life of disgraced Pastor Felix Perryman, and the trials and triumphs of his community in the fictional Dominican village of Redemption. In Season two, Felix along with his spiritual compatriots, Pastor Robbie and Father Pearson, lead protest action against villain, Reginald Black. The message of the Show is that no one has fallen so far that they cannot be redeemed through God’s grace.

TDN Radio Manager, and co-writer for the drama series, Sam George, says he attributes the show’s popularity to God’s favour, its unique format, and timely message “First we have to give it up to the One who put us in the time and place to tell such stories. Without the Almighty, nothing happens, the inspiration comes from Him, and the glory goes to Him. The show is unique for today’s radio entertainment environment; it’s fun, full of drama and hope, suspense and action. Our cast really delivers. Plus, this season came at a time when it seems like the world is tearing itself apart. You know, wars, rumors of war, political upheaval, religious and spiritual battles it’s like the world has gone crazy and so I think the show provided a brief escape for fans.”

George says Season Three is already under production but hesitates to reveal plot spoilers, “We need y’all to tune in! Suffice it to say though the drama, and action, will be slightly more intense, a little edgier. Taking on some difficult topics society would rather not talk about, at least not in the way we’re planning but we’ll leave that to our audience to judge at the end of the day.”

George adds he expects future seasons of the Show will continue to be focus on its core positive messages about faith and family.

The cast of Redemption include Dominican talents, Tarnia Green, Noreen Joseph, Paula Letang-Loblack, Adriel Bardouille, Ronald Deschamps, Ronald Pierre-Louis, Delia Cuffy-Weekes, Roy Sanford, Clayton Florent, Sam George, Catherine Dorsette, Cuthbert Joseph, Franklyn Moses, Lucy Hamlet, Novelys Blanc, Theresa George and Nicole G. Bennett.

Season Two of the Redemption Road series was sponsored by Beacon Dental Group, House of Lorraine, Secret Hair Design and Jachqo Hosting.  Poster art-Ronald Deschamps.

(Season Three -Redemption Road will air on and in Fall 2020).