Region-wide subways his ambition

Winston Harding
Winston Harding

Winston Harding wants to be the next Mississauga Ward 1 councillor with a focus on “no more property tax increase to fund transportation, a 24-hour transportation service on major routes, more affordable housing for seniors and single mothers and more help for child care and the disabled.”

But his strongest rallying call is for a subway for Mississauga and subway system for the Greater Toronto Area as a whole.

He hopes to get the incoming mayors and councillors in the GTA to make a deputation to Premier Kathleen Wynne to declare a special dedicated subway lottery to fund the project.

In his bid for the seat, Harding says “a subway extension from Islington or Kipling connecting with the on-going construction of a light rail would result in a stronger community overall.

“It would help Mississauga to maintain its status as Canada’s foremost business hub. It would also help to encourage more enterprises along the route.”

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