Remembering The 400

Founder Shadrock Porter

Remember The 400 Foundation, a global organization with headquarters in Toronto, is seeking official recognition in Canada of the month of August as “Freedom Month.”

So far, it has collected thousands of signatures in support of a petition for the proposed “Freedom Month” which will be forwarded to the federal government.

But Asher Greenidge, Vice President of Remember The 400 Foundation, told The Caribbean Camera that “we are encouraging more people to sign the petition.”

Greenidge said that “Canada already recognizes August 1st as Emancipation Day and for that we say ‘kudos to Canada.’

“But our organization wants to create greater awareness of slavery.”

She noted that “on August 20, 1619, the first slave ship (the White Lion) docked in Hampton, Virginia in the United States bringing enslaved Africans.

Vice President Asher Greenidge
President Doreen Simpson

“The slaves endured a great deal of racism.

“Many of them were killed and we should remember these things.”

Greenidge said that Remember The 400 Foundation already has several chapters in the United States and a chapter in London, England and Guyana.

“We hope to establish additional chapters in Trinidad, Barbados, St.Kitts and other neighbouring Caribbean islands,” she added.