Resignations bring reflection amidst 300 percent sponsorship growth at FMC

Eddison Doyle

After 17 years of “dedicated involvement” with the Festival Management Committee (FMC), Accountant Eddison Doyle has made “the difficult decision” to step down from his position as CFO. This time, he says, it is a permanent choice driven by personal reasons and the belief that it is the right time for him to move on.

Despite the timing being close to the upcoming grand parade, Doyle is confident that his departure will pave the way for success and foster a more collaborative and communicative organization.

He extends his best wishes to the FMC, expressing gratitude for the hard work of the board, CEO, and festival general manager. As one of the founding directors alongside Joe Halstead and Courtney Betty, Doyle takes immense pride in the organization’s achievements,” including 17 years of clean audits, a cumulative surplus, and the successful implementation of the Black Business Educational Program (BBEP) ” which he spearheaded, assuring a smooth transition and ongoing communication with his successor to ensure the continued progress of the FMC.

In a parallel development, Angela Pierre, who served as the FMC’s secretary for seven years since 2015, has also announced her resignation, effective July 15th.

Pierre’s decision came as a response to an emergency board meeting where she was accused by the chair of failing to fulfill a task and undermining her authority.

Jennifer Hirlehey

Feeling cornered and facing false accusations, Pierre believed she had no choice but to resign. Her departure after such a long tenure is considered a significant loss for the

organization, given her dedicated service not only at the FMC but also in her previous role as secretary at the Calypso association, totaling approximately 14 years of committed service.

Pierre said she was disappointed but confirmed her wholehearted support for the organization.

Pierre hopes that her contributions will be recognized and celebrated.

In response to the resignations of two highly esteemed members of the FMC, chair Jennifer Hirlehey has provided a limited statement, acknowledging their valuable contributions but refraining from disclosing specific details or reasons for their departures, citing them as internal matters. It leaves some readers curious and seeking more clarity.

Hirlehey expressed her gratitude for the knowledge, experience, and dedication of the resigned members and spoke about the organization’s achievements.

She mentions its successful education and diversity programs, increased sponsorship, and the positive energy surrounding the carnival.

While specific sponsorship figures are not provided, Hirlehey said that they have seen “a remarkable growth of approximately three times more sponsors compared to the previous year. This

Angela Pierre

significant surge in sponsorships, she said can be attributed to the organization’s stability, as well as the positive impact of its diversity initiatives.

Hirlehey specifically noted the “fruitful partnership” with the Toronto Football Club (TFC), which has facilitated various activities benefiting the community.

According to the chair of the FMC, the organization is undergoing significant changes with the resignations of Edison Doyle and Angela Pierre, both highly respected and influential members of the committee.

She said the organization is determined to focus on the positive aspects of their contributions and aims to continue delivering successful events and programs “with a commitment to stability and growth.”