Reverie Faces Lookbook: Celebrating Caribbean Fashion in Toronto

Berot on the shoot, photo by Stephen Weir

By Stephen Weir

Reverie Faces, Toronto’s first Caribbean Canadian Lookbook, made its online debut two months ago. Well-received, the publishers are now busy working on the second instalment of this unique exploration of Caribbean designers’ endeavours!

Lookbooks have been a staple in the fashion industry for some time, but it’s only recently that they’ve garnered significant attention. Essentially, a Lookbook is a curated collection of photographs showcasing a model, photographer, style, stylist, and accompanying clothing line.

The two faces featured in Reverie Faces are Anthony Berot and Micheala (Mimi) Palmer. Berot is renowned for his videos and photographs capturing stunning masquerade models and spirited revellers at carnivals and costume launches in Toronto. In Reverie Faces, he serves as both the photographer and the magazine editor. Mimi is a popular blogger, vlogger, and social media marketer, best known online as “iseeyoumim.” She assumes the role of Creative Director and Brand Advocate for all entries in the Reverie Faces magazine.

Lookbook material, photo by Anthony Berot

Upon arrival at the second-floor studio, the scene was bustling with activity—men’s clothing hung on racks, women’s cosmetics splashed across the tables, and a variety of T-shirts featuring sporty Caribbean island flags were on display. The latest soca hits blasted from speakers as photographer Berot danced to the music, setting up his equipment, while Mimi assisted in preparing the models for the shoot.

Explaining the occasion, Mimi said, “Saturday’s shoot highlighted a blend of Ankara printed streetwear, country pride clothing, and vegan cruelty-free cosmetics, all sourced from Toronto-based Black-owned businesses.”

For the Lookbook…phot by Anthony Berot

She continued, “Reverie Faces showcases the fashion culture within our Caribbean community and bolsters the legacy of Caribbean-influenced designs. While Caribbean fashion may occasionally grace Canadian runways, it seldom receives the spotlight it deserves as a standalone entity. This is where we bridge the gap.”

According to Mimi and Berot, the response to the first edition of Reverie Faces has been overwhelmingly positive, with increasing views and engaged audiences across social media platforms. The collaborators are pleased with the finished product and the creative direction it represents.

The on-line LookBook will publish every second month. The photos from the weekend shoot will feature in the upcoming edition of Reverie Faces, expected to be released by the end of the month. And what comes after that? Mimi says it is a secret!

Berot shooting Mimi…photo by Stephen Weir

Those interested can explore the new Lookbooks on Instagram, Facebook, and the official webpage: