Rhiannon Rosalind believe young people can change the world

By Gwyn Chapman

Rhiannon Rosalind

She did it!  It was not too long ago that Toronto experienced thunderous, deafening screams from die-hard Raptor fans as the Raptor’s clinched its first ever NBA championship.  This time, however, Toronto was captivated by a world figure and treasure who was greeted by the deafening screams that shattered the air around Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre early afternoon, January 23rd, 2020.  Barack Obama was in the building.

One of the most inspirational world figures in the history of politics and leadership, former President Barack Obama, graced the stage alongside Rhiannon Rosalind, CEO, Economic Club of Canada, and co-founder of Global Institute for Conscious Economics; she ws responsible for making this historic day happen. 

Obama was greeted by an audience of 6,000, which included 3,000  youth from marginalised areas of the city – an  intentional opportunity created by Rosalind to empower young leaders.

In attendance were educators, community leaders, dreamers, artist, innovators, politicians and all manner of people from all walks of life.

Motivated by a genuine commitment to cultural inclusivity, Rosalind made a deliberate effort to have young people from the African Canadian, First Nations and underrepresented communities  participate in an extraordinary event. Given the short time she had to pull this off with her team and partners, and the reactions from young attendees, she believes that the seeds of hope, value and vision she strived to plant in their hearts were accomplished. 

“I’m committed to empowering the next generation of young leaders. It’s my hope that this experience will empower all young people to believe in themselves, and belief in the power to make a positive impact around the world.”

Rosalind continues to work on her many ventures in 2020 to make an impact in this city as a bold and compassionate leader on Bay St.