Saint Lucia hotel offers underwater yoga classes to visitors

For International Yoga Day, celebrated on June 21, yogis around the world will be
practising everything from goat yoga to cannabis yoga.
But have you ever felt like a yoga session on the ground simply wasn’t enough?
Well now you can take your practice to the next level in the form of underwater
yoga, a new activity created by the Windjammer Landing Hotel in Saint Lucia.
The classes take place 20 feet under the Caribbean Sea, and are designed to combat
stress, promote healthy breathing and make new divers feel at ease in their
underwater surroundings.

yoga on the beach

“The intent of the programme is to allow new divers to be able to relax under the
water, because diving requires a lot of relaxing and getting comfortable in order to
fine-tune your buoyancy and basically just be comfortable under there,” explains
Abigail Brown, Dive Master at Eastern Caribbean Diving.
“For experienced divers it’s a way of just giving them another way to relax under
the water, a more conscious way where they’re actually thinking of their breath.”
Once in the water, participants are encouraged to continue practising the deep
breathing exercises they learned on the boat, as well as striking some underwater
yoga poses.
The benefits of these exercises include slowing your heart rate and lowering your
blood pressure, as well as inducing a feeling of calm – a key tool for those stranded
at the bottom of the sea.
You can also try out more adventurous poses seeing as falling isn’t a danger.
“The programme is also intended to allow folks to just unwind from the whole
Covid situation and everything that’s going on,” explains Brown.
“It’s an introduction to yoga. So normally if we just say we have a yoga class
people might not turn up. But if we have, say we have a yoga and diving class,
divers might say ‘ok I’m diving already let me just try it out’ and that can be an
introduction to yoga.”

Underwater Yoga