‘Saldenah Carnival’ ready for a big launch

By Stephen Weir

He is the man. And when Louis Saldenah says he is planning a huge launch party, you better believe it is going to be one of the largest carnival events this spring.

Louis Saldenah

The leader of SALDENAH CARNIVAL, the largest mas band in the annual Caribbean Carnival, has just announced that his 2024 band launch will take place Saturday, April 20th, at the Grand Cinnamon Banquet & Convention Hall in Scarborough.

“Even after Covid, over 5,000 people came out and played mas with us. Our numbers continue to be in that range,” Louis Saldenah told the Caribbean Camera. “So, we are expecting a large turnout for the Saturday night event. (The hall can be configured to accommodate over 2,000)”

This year, Saldenah Carnival will have 16 sections, and at the April launch, each section will have 5 dancers/models on stage showing what they will be wearing at the Grand Parade.

We jokingly asked Saldenah if this year’s theme, “Fly High,” had anything to do with LSD. He laughed and said no; the section will use things that fly as their inspiration – butterflies, birds, and even aliens!

Louis Saldenah band at the parade

Providing music throughout the evening event will be some of Toronto’s best DJs. Already on the bill are: Dr. Jay, Soca Vibes, D’Enforcas, and D’Bandit. The MC for the evening will be SKF. Five days after the launch, the doors will open at the Saldenah mas camp where revellers can see the costumes up close and order outfits for the August Grand Parade. The camp is in the same building as in 2023 – 280 Consumers Road.