Santa shows up at AFEY’s Christmas party

Santa  Claus was greeted with the pulsating  rhythms of  the Hurban Johnson steelband when he showed up at the 13th annual Advocate for Etobicoke Youth’s (AFEY’s)  annual Children’s Christmas party at the  Woodbine Banquet Hall in Etobicoke on Saturday evening.

Six hundred children from the north Etobicoke area received gifts from the jolly fellow in the red suit  and along with their parents, the children were treated to a  delicious meal.

Then, on leaving, each child was presented with ” a bag filled with goodies.”

Toronto lawyer Dhaman Kissoon,  co-founder  of AFEY, said this year’s party was ” the largest we have held since the organization was launched.”

About 1,000 people were present,  he noted.

“We are thankful that we can give back to the community,” he added.

Kissoon also thanked the Woobine Banquet hall for hosting the event.

We had 600 kids from the  north Etobicoke area  most of the kids with the air with a  parent or Guardian  so we had about a thousand people  overall  and this person that was there  it was held at Woodbine Banquet Hall  each person enjoy the delicious meal  created by the banquet hall  we had steel band music  provided by Hobert Johnson  Who provided the music  Santa Claus arrival

each child received a wrapped toy based on age and sex  starting from Age 3  to age 12  then when they were leaving  each child was give him a bag filled with goodies  for them to take home to their families

so to tell you a little bit more about your organization  the organization is call Advocate for Etobicoke youth

the short form is AFEY  the organization was started in 2004  Kissoon has been the co-chair of the organisation since that time  the other co-chair is  superintendent Ronald Taverner from the Toronto police services  from 23 division when run moved to 23 division that’s when we started this  organization  because we both wanted to make a difference in the community   and give back to the people   both run and I are founders of this organization   right now finds himself in charge of 23,  31  and 12 division under the new chief his role has expanded   and Ron has now been on the job for 50 years  he’s over 70 years of age

Keystone will say that this year’s event was the largest event  who we are thankful that we will give them the opportunity  to give back to the people of Etobicoke.

the entire Hall  that can hold 1500 people by the way was donated by  Woodbine Banquet Hall for the purpose of the children’s Christmas event