Scarborough hospital program hits milestone

Scarborough Hospital, which prides itself on its maternal newborn and child care program, ensuring that mothers, regardless of ethnicity, make an effort to breastfeed their newborns, recently achieved a Level IIC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit designation from the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health.

“Achieving a Level IIC designation is important both for new mothers and babies alike,” said Dr. Georgina Wilcock, co-medical director, obstetrics, at the hospital.

“It means that TSH can now provide specialized neonatal care to infants that deliver between 30 and 32 weeks gestation, and allows the infants to remain with their mothers at TSH instead of being transferred to another hospital,” Wilcock said.

In a media release, the hospital quoted Heather, who gave birth to her daughter at the hospital. She praises the staff and that she was able to have “skin to skin” contact with her daughter and breastfeed her before leaving the hospital.

Since 2012, Scarborough Hospital has had the best rates in the Greater Toronto Area for providing women with a successful vaginal birth after caesarean section, as measured by the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s Canadian Hospital Reporting Project. In addition, the hospital’s performance in Ontario’s pregnancy, birth and childhood registry – known as the Better Outcomes Registry and Network, or BORN – has exceeded peer hospitals and in many cases rates ahead of the entire province.

The maternal newborn and child care program also scores higher than the average for GTA hospitals and other hospitals in Ontario in several key areas related to patient feedback, including: patient satisfaction with doctors and nurses; answering questions and explaining test results; trusting the care team and paying close attention to the continuity of care by discussing, prior to discharge, things like medications and warning signs or potential changes in a patient’s condition.

“Patient-centred care in a collaborative environment is our core foundation. Our inter-professional team is composed of dedicated support staff, nurses, midwives and physicians that ensure the best possible evidenced-based care for our community,” said Dr. Nathan Roth, co-medical director, obstetrics.

“We are committed to and respect the diversity of our patient population by assisting our expectant mothers in giving birth their way, according to their preferences, customs and beliefs.”

The hospital is making important investments in its program so families can continue to receive high-quality care close to home. This includes recruiting additional obstetricians to better serve the community, as well as renovating the Family Maternity Centre at the Birchmount campus.

Birchmount campus renovations will receive support from Scarborough Hospital Foundation’s new “I Support My Scarborough Hospital” campaign, which is raising funds to revitalize various programs.

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