School in Barbuda to be rebuilt with Toronto help

By Stephen Weir

Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Relief Fund Team

Help will soon be on its way from Toronto to the hurricane battered island of Barbuda for the rebuilding of the Holy Trinity Primary School.

A shipment of building supplies and an airlift of windows and doors will be leaving for the island  where in September 2017,  180 m.p.h. winds from Hurricane Irma damaged almost every structure, flattening many of them. Just a few days later, another hurricane, Jose, passed over Barbuda.

“ Most people think that life has returned to normal on Barbuda.” said Toronto volunteer Eric Delfish. “But that is not the case. Some people are still in tents. So while this shipment does answer a need, more help is still needed.”

A 20-foot long container is currently in an Etobicoke forwarding company and soon will be on its way to the Caribbean.

And Sunwing will airlift windows and electric wiring to Barbuda this month.  The items are currently out of stock and are not expected to be available for shipping before the week of April 8th.

The supplies from Home Depot have been paid for using money donated to the Canadian wing of ABERF (the Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Relief Fund).