‘Scrapping all clean air and climate change initiatives will hurt Ontario’

Dear Editor,

Peter Tabuns

As a long-time MPP, and a concerned Ontarian, I think it’s important to let Ontarians know that Doug Ford’s anti-environment crusade will put Ontario’s air, water and land at risk – and cost people and the province billions.

Ontario families deserve clean lakes, and healthy smog-free air. They deserve a plan to leave our children and grandchildren with a province at least as clean and beautiful as the province we inherited from our parents.

But despite the need for a clean, sustainable province, Doug Ford has announced that he will remove the cap on how much industrial operations are allowed to pollute.

Scrapping all clean air and climate change initiatives will hurt Ontario – and doing it without any sort of a replacement initiative is completely irresponsible.

The cost of this move will be more than environmental – and Ontario families will be the ones to pay the price. Withdrawing Ontario from the cap-and-trade market means Doug Ford risks a lengthy legal battle – paid for by Ontario families – with the federal government.

And the financial costs of ripping up the cap-and-trade market contracts may be enormous for people, companies and the province. Ontario families could be on the hook to compensate businesses across the province for billions of dollars. As we saw with the Liberals’ cancelled gas plants scandal, costs can climb very quickly when you start ripping up contracts.

I urge every Ontarian who is concerned about the sustainable future of our province to make your voice heard. After Doug Ford is sworn in, write to his office and make sure he knows how you feel. We need to act now to protect this province, for our children, and for every generation to come.


Peter Tabuns

MPP-elect, Toronto—Danforth