Sensational Vistas: Exploring Canadian and Caribbean life through unique lenses

By Stephen Weir

In a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity, the Canadian Caribbean Community gathered last week at the Danforth art gallery for an art show opening that felt more like a lively fete than a traditional art exhibition. The Aree Artists Centre played host to the standing room only show, aptly titled “Sensational Vistas,” featuring the photographic masterpieces of four seasoned artists.

The gallery walls adorned with 24 captivating works, all but one available for purchase. Ian P. Grant, David Lewis, and Benjamin Alunyo Lis had their creations up for grabs, while Anthony Berot’s images remained exclusively for admiration. The absence of one collective member, Peter Faure, hung heavily in the air, as the longtime artist had recently passed away. His daughter, Lisa Faure, paid homage to her late father by showcasing five of his pieces, with the crowd favoring his popular work, “PanPan is Desperado.”

Pat – Panman Pat – Neilly with The Caribbean Camera’s Lincoln DePredine

The exhibition delved into a rich tapestry of cultural narratives, with president of the collective, Anthony Berot, unveiling a new facet of his talent through striking portraiture. The collaborative effort of CCPAC’s photographers, who have been working together for seven years, provided a fascinating exploration of Canadian and Caribbean life through their unique lenses.

Music, an integral part of Caribbean culture, was not overlooked. Pan Man Pat serenaded the crowd, infusing the atmosphere with an extra layer of magic. The carnival-themed pictures by Benjamin Alunyo Lis and Ian Grant’s street portrait of a cigar-chomping Havana busker resonated as crowd favorites, showcasing the photographers’ ability to encapsulate moments of vibrancy and life.

Carnival pics

The CCPAC, founded in 2017, has become a beacon for those passionate about capturing the essence of both Caribbean and Canadian cultures. Beyond their artistic pursuits, the collective actively promotes inclusivity, celebrating the individual contributions of each member.

Havana busker

Anthony Berot encouraged art enthusiasts not to miss the chance to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of life presented by CCPAC’s talented photographers. The exhibition runs until February 15th, providing ample time for attendees to explore the diverse and captivating visual narratives on display. This gathering of cultures, through the lens of CCPAC, promises an evening filled with art, music, and the vibrant energy of the Caribbean and Canadian experience.