Sheriauna Haase is medal-winning track star

Toronto teenager Sheriauna Haase was born with a congenital limb reduction and faced the usual childhood taunts reserved for kids with such handicaps; bullying being prime among them.

Sheriauna Haase the ballerina

It got worse in public school. Fortunately, Haase found strength in the unwavering support of her family, especially her mother. “(My family) would just always lift me up and they would always tell me that I’m beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with me.”

Haase’s mother Sherylee Honeyghan confessed that she was shocked, devastated and afraid, knowing the cruel world that her daughter would have to navigate. But Honeyghan refused to let her daughter’s narrative be dictated by what society might deem acceptable. As long as her daughter was happy and healthy then that was what mattered.

Sheriauna with mom Sherylee Honeyghan

As it turned out Sheriauna Haase was indeed happy and healthy and ready to meet the world head on. The verve with which she embraced life earned her the description: the “triple threat teen.” 

Her passion for dance, coupled with an emerging interest in acting, propelled her to new heights, including a role in the popular TV shows Circuit Breakers and The Next Step.

But Haase isn’t just a talented dancer and actor — she’s also a medal-winning track star.

According to Bob Westman, the lead para coach (east) for Athletics Canada: “I had to be very careful as a coach that anything I was teaching her was done right the first time because she was going to do it right, whatever she was taught,” Westman recalls. “Her development from week to week to month to month was just amazing, incredibly fast.”

Sheriauna Haase on the world stage

In fact, Haase began training for the Parapan American Games in September. Two months later, she won those two bronze medals.

Considering where she began her life’s journey, Haase’s remarkable accomplishments is nothing short of astonishing. Westman predicts that Sheriauna Haase will become a household name because she is charismatic, and combines her athleticism with a zest for life.

Haase’s story extends beyond the track. Her coach envisions a future where she becomes a world champion, and while Haase embraces these aspirations, she remains a source of inspiration to those she encounters.

Indeed, Sheriauna Haase will have a positive influence everywhere she goes, for, beyond her success in three disciplines, she’s also an ambassador for Holland Bloorview Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

The sky seems to be her limit.

A Triple Threat Teen: Sheriauna Haase’s Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Success