She’s inspired by passionate love of art

By Gerald V. Paul

From her bold blue lipstick to her startling artwork, Camille Lauren Gordon is shaking up Peel.
From her bold blue lipstick to her startling artwork, Camille Lauren Gordon is shaking up Peel.

A Brampton-based, Caribbean-born artist is making a passionate, positive difference in her community.

Camille Lauren Gordon studied at Ontario College of Art and Design and is already a prominent young artist whose work serves as an inspiration. And it’s all about the decoration of space.

“Being an artist is really a privilege. Fall in complete passionate love with your craft, so the inevitable sacrifices of time and effort feel worthwhile,” she said.

“Canada has been good to me. I wasn’t born here, though. Will always miss the ocean,” the visual artist and entrepreneur said. “I find joy in telling stories when I paint.”

She’s enchanted with the blending of colours, glitter fabric and dried exotic flowers, the glitter of water, the glow of the Sun. “My NaturalistaGLAM and Sky Island embraced the beauty of the people and the world we live in.

“I focus on positive words, then write out the issues at hand, then list action steps that will lead to my desired goals.” Among the phrases that serve as inspiration are Persistence Pays, Speak Life and Hope Spreads. This positive approach may have being instilled by her parents’ deep faith, Gordon suggests.

She mixes it up with poetry and graphic design. At the recent Peel Speaks event, Gordon showcased her art in style and profile

“This sky-blue lipstick (that she wore at the show) calls Riya Jama’s words to mind: ‘Those who don’t understand that it’s all a political statement for me to wear bold colours will never understand my type of revolution. Every morning when I consciously choose to wear a bold lip, for example, I’m letting the world understand that as a Black woman, you can’t erase me’.”

Summing up her work at Peel Speaks, she says, “There are so many key pieces discussed on social issues, youth organizing, and accessing resources in Peel. Thanks to Kofi Hope and others, it was truly a knowledge exchange. A memorable night, held at the world-conscious Studio 89 Café.”