Show horses strut their stuff in Mississauga

Okay readers. Quick now. What do you get when you put 65 horses and 124 performers  on a 17,500- square- foot stage with a 58,000-square-foot big top, 70 tons of rigging  and 40,000 gallons of water? What you get is an extraordinary performance of Odeysseo  by Cavalia

Last Friday I had the pleasure of witnessing  this  performance  in Mississauga  next to the Hershey Centre and there never was  a dull moment .

To see these well-groomed , well-trained animals perform amazing feats was itself a  thrilling experience and the magnificent costumes  with intricate designs were breath-taking.

Just imagine: performers on horseback communicating verbally with their animals which you thought did not understand English or French. And the animals responding to Canada’s  two official languages.

Those with a special interest  in set design will be blown away by the ” depth” of the stage that seems to flow back for miles. This effect is created  by a series of projectors and screens and moving lights. Truly,  an amazing technological feat.

And you must see the Africans – twelve of them in the cast are drummers and talented acrobats. They will have you sitting on the edge of your seat each time they  do their ” tumbling act.”

The show which was due to close on July 23, has been extended for  a few days.

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