Sing a song of Christmas

By Arthur Soman

Sacred Steel

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Hope Lutheran Church, Scarborough, presented their traditional free Concert, featuring the Choir and Sacred Steel Orchestra.  There is no doubt that this congregation is blessed with an abundance of musical talent, as evidenced by this musical production.

The Concert began with an ‘invocational’ selection Make Room by Johnathan Reynolds, sung by sisters Kayla Owen-Vandereest and Justine Owen-Garber.  The 29 voice choir reflected the diverse makeup of this congregation, as there was a blend of gender, ages and ethnicity.   This year, the choir chose as their cantata presentation, Sing a Song of Christmas by Michael Barrett & Joseph M. Martin.  

Hope Church also boasts an energetic and vibrant in-house Steel Orchestra, Sacred Steel.  The musical selections included

And the angels sing
Kayla, Tracey and Justine

classical pieces, soca/reggae, traditional carols and vocals, all arranged in a very upbeat and contemporary style. 

One of the most moving presentations was Justine Owen-Garber’s wonderful

rendition of Rejoice Greatly from Handel’s Messiah. Justine was shepherded by the expert hand of Tom Belcher on piano.  

This concert was indeed a memorable one under the leadership of Pauline Soman, Music Coordinator and Choir Director, Leonna Ramsey, leader of the Steel Orchestra, and the multi-talented Tracey who, among other things, carried out the conducting duties like the pro she is.