Singing the Christmas praises of a Kensington Market Parang

Tony Maestre and Friend

If it was great the first time around, why not do it again!  Hell yes, says the owners of a new Kensington Market Trinidadian restaurant.  The Maracas has decided to up the anti this Sunday and repeat the Parang they had last weekend – only with a larger band!

“We did it last weekend, but without a lot notice,” said Candi Chin-Sang.“ We got a tremendous response.  So we are doing it again this Sunday beginning at 6pm.  Only difference? Tony Maestre and Friend  are adding a few more players!”

“ We are a relatively new here in Kensington Market (she and Chef Douglas Ling opened the place in April) and we are a full service restaurant,” she continued. “Outside of Trinidad most people don’t know what Parang means. We hope that our Trindadian fans will bring along (a few newbies to discover the art form).”

Ling and Chin-Sang with Machel Montano

Chef Douglas Ling is already making a name for himself because of his cooking.  The house speciality Dhalpuri Roti appeals to Vegan and Meat eaters alike because you can custom order the filing based on your diet.

During the summer Ling cooked for Machel Montano while he was performing in Toronto. Since then the 40-seat restaurant is usually full. And, to keep them coming in, from time-to-time Ling and Chin-Sang like to have free-double days!

“We are selling $30 entrance tickets for Sunday and we start to serve dinner at 6pm, (food is extra) with the music starting around 7pm,” continued Chin-Sang.  “We will fill up fast so we plan to add 20 standing room tickets so that you can come and enjoy the Parang.”