Single Mother’s Diary set for Jamaican launch

Andreen Rose-Cephas and her book The Single Moher’s Diary

The Single Mother’s Diary, officially released in London England earlier this year, is set to have a Jamaican launch organized by one of the ten authors featured in the novel. Andreen Rose-Cephas; Certified Trichologist, Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur and owner of Hair Extreme Beauty and Barber Concept, will be showcasing the novel in Jamaica this month.

 The Single Moher’s Diary tells the stories, from the lives of ten women spanning across the globe, of life lessons learned from single motherhood. The mission, powered by Mango Girl Group Ltd and its Founder, Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, is to change the conversation around single motherhood. Andreen Rose Cephas believes that Jamaica specifically needs to hear these stories even though for her personally it was not an easy tale to tell.

The Single Moher’s Diary

I didn’t agree to tell my story just for me, no it was for all women, especially those in our Jamaican society who feel that being a teenager mother is the end. I wanted to shed some light on a new narrative and that was my main motivation,” Rose-Cephas shared

The now successful businesswoman makes it clear that she by no means is glorifying teenage pregnancy but hopes by sharing her struggles and challenges as a single teenage mother that it will generate hope for those who have fallen on a similar path.

Cephas believe the Single Mothers Diary will serve as a real inspiration to anyone who needs that motivation to continue striving for success regardless of the challenges; single mother, teenage mother, entrepreneurs or anyone who needs to be empowered.

The Single Mothers Diary shows you how the most challenging times can lead to the greatest of moments and achievements. When you think there may just be an inability to succeed that’s where your biggest opportunities exist,” Rose-Cephas added

The launch of the Single Mothers Diary will happen on Friday November 29 in Kingston as part of a joint product launch with Rose-Cephas’ new HEBAB Essentials Tutti Fruitti Beauty Line. 

Volume 2 of the Single Mother’s Diary is currently being compiled and single mothers who are interested in being a part of the 2020 installment can also visit for more information.