Sloly enjoying special role at Deloitte

Ex-deputy police chief Peter Sloly is now an executive director at Deloitte Canada. By Gerald V. Paul
Ex-deputy police chief Peter Sloly is now an executive director at Deloitte Canada.
By Gerald V. Paul

Former deputy police chief Peter Sloly – three months after his retirement – has moved to Deloitte Canada as an executive director.

Sloly, who often sat during Toronto Police Board meetings just listening, will be advising clients at Deloitte on cybersecurity. In addition, Sloly will focus on crisis response and digital media and work on diversity and inclusion issues.

Apart from this special position created for him, he is hoping to have other opportunities to test his leadership skills in other companies, other organizations, other capacities.

Sloly, who was popular with the Caribbean community, was passed over for the top cop job in 2015 when it went to another deputy chief, Mark Saunders. Both men boast Caribbean heritage.

He told a gathering at City Hall during a meeting that in his 27 years at the Toronto Police Service carding or racial profiling was the greatest challenge for him. Sloly candidly admitted that the practice occurred and that it was a problem for both police and the public.

And at a January 2016 public forum, the outspoken Sloly left no stone unturned as he spoke truth to power, saying “Radical change is necessary to restore the public trust” and admonished those who supported what he saw as a bloated police budget.

Sloly advocated that the force embrace technology in its policing activities to a greater degree, arguing that would result in substantial cost savings and a reduced budget.

He had been on leave from the police force when he announced his resignation in early February. Hailed as a “visionary” and reformer by critics of the force and its large budget, Sloly said his decision to quit was not due to the board picking Saunders as chief, nor was he forced out over his budget criticism.

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