So you want to be a machinist?

So you’re a young person looking to start a high-paying career as a machinist?

Well, there is good news from the  Canadian Tooling and Machining Association.

The Association says there are currently opportunities for people between the  ages of 18 to 29 in the  Computer Numerical Control  (CNC) machinist program.

Robert Cattel, Executive President of the  Association says its goal is to find young people “with the correct attitude and aptitude who want to learn and work within our  industry. We will screen and assess applicants and the chosen ones will be supplied with safety boots/shoes/glasses,. We will then supply them with their own fifteen hundred dollars’ worth of tools, (micrometers, Vernier, indicators and Allen keys).

“Then they get four weeks of preliminary training prior to starting on the shop floor of companies that work in the aerospace and other high tech fields.”

“Our other goal is to find companies who are willing to participate and willing to train people on their shop floors. We will provide these companies with $7,500.00 to help offset the cost of this training over six months.”

“We  are looking for people who want to learn, will show up for work every day and want to find a  career…not just get a job. I cannot stress this point enough,” said Cattel.

Asked what would be the average income for a professional operator in the CNC field, he said that in his small shop he had operators who earned between $75 – $90 thousand dollars per year.

Interested persons can apply online to the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium at

For more information, contact the Executive Director of  the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association  at (telephone number)  416-301-6224 (cell) or at