Some good news for those on the waiting list  


 Some good news for those on the waiting list

 Homelessness remains a major issue in Canada’s largest city.


Some well meaning advocates will tell you that the problem could have been solved a long time ago, if enough funding was  provided by the three levels of government – municipal, provincial and federal – for housing.

But in a recent interview with The Caribbean Camera, Mayor John Tory struck an optimistic note in addressing this issue.

As Tory simply explained, the problem is eventually going to be solved by the building of “more affordable and supportive housing units.”

And, he went on to say,” we are doing that.”

John Tory

This certainly sounds like good news for thousands of people in Toronto  who are on the waiting list for affordable housing. Some have been waiting for years.And we have heard of cases where people have died while waiting.

Mayor Tory is hopeful that the recently announced Federal Rapid Housing Initiative will eventually help solve the problem of affordable housing in the city.

Over the next 24 months, the City of Toronto will  be utilizing the  new Initiative to create 3,000 new units of housing.

Some say it’s ” a drop in the bucket – a very large bucket.

But according to  Tory,  the Initiative ” shows the way that you could finally address the affordable housing issue.”

And there is  some more good news.

Tory also noted that last April, the City launched  its Modular Housing Initiative that will open 100 new supportive homes by the end of the year.

In 2021, an additional 150 modular supportive homes will also be created for people experiencing homelessness, he said.

We also learned from the mayor that so far in 2020, the City has referred more than 2,500 people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing through a combination of housing allowances and rent-geared-to-income units, representing a 50 per cent increase over the same period last year.

We remain hopeful that in  2021 that there will be even  larger numbers from the waiting list who will be finding homes.

Undoubtedly, the current COVID-19 pandemic has focused attention on the plight of the homeless.

We are pleased to learn that City of Toronto continues to take “extraordinary steps”  to help and protect people experiencing homelessness during the current  COVID-19 pandemic.

Hover, many of these people are still on the streets and are unprotected.

As the mayor himself has pointed out, providing safe indoor space, including permanent and affordable housing is ” the appropriate and dignified response to help people experiencing homelessness.”

The City has promised that it will continue its efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of every Toronto resident.

We sincerely hope that it keeps its promise.