Sparrow out of coma, 'recovering'

The Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) is now conscious and responsive, according to a press statement from his family.

The singer, considered the Calypso King of the World, was rushed to a hospital in New York last week and was in a comatose state for days.

The illness lead to many incorrect reports that he has died.

But now Sparrow’s family is making it clear he’s on his way to recovery. The statement sent to the media on Tuesday by his wife, Margaret, reads: “We are pleased to inform the fans of Dr. Slinger Francisco, The Mighty Sparrow, and the population at large that he is conscious and responsive. He is being monitored and we are hopeful that he will continue to progress further. We are specially grateful to the doctors and nurses for their professional and attentive caring for him. We also wish to express our profound appreciation for the prayers and outpouring of well wishes from all concerned and will issue further updates as it becomes necessary.”
The Calypso King of the World’s son, Anthony Francisco said last week that his father is improving slowly and was “very much alive. No matter what you hear from anybody or anywhere, do not react to or believe any of it until you hear it from his wife or his children.”
Francisco said the constant calls from people saying they heard Sparrow had died and all the postings on social media is upsetting the family who just want to focus on prayers and positive energies towards Sparrow recovering.
“Please do not believe the rumours and jump to conclusions. If there is any change whatsoever you will hear it from us,” Francisco said.