St Kitts police confirm drugs in court cases stolen from headquarters

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Police Commissioner Ian Queeley has confirmed that a quantity of drugs to be used as evidence in a pending criminal case had been stolen from the police headquarters and that law enforcement officials are “committed to identifying those responsible for this heinous act.”

In a statement, Queeley gave no indication as to when the incident occurred despite media reports that rumours had been circulating for the past two weeks that marijuana had been stolen from the police station.

He said that the “cannabis which are exhibits in matters before the Magistrate’s Court,” at the time of its disappearance “were placed at a location outside of the secured exhibit room.”

He said that an investigation had been launched immediately after it was discovered that the drugs were missing and that the police have sought the assistance of experienced investigators from within the region who were already in the twin-island federation in a different capacity.

“The disappearance of these drugs is a disturbing and an extremely serious matter which is being treated with the seriousness that it deserves. Because the drugs are associated with current court cases and there is an active investigation being conducted, it would be inappropriate to divulge to the general public the full details leading to the disappearance of the drugs at this time.

“Further, in order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, I am unable to comment on details of the investigative actions taken thus far and our findings. To do so could prejudice both the outcome of the investigation and any future criminal prosecution that may follow,” Queeley said, condemning the incident as a very troubling, unethical and reprehensible act.

He said while he fully understands and appreciates the public’s desire for answers, “I am committed to providing those answers at the appropriate time”.