St Lucia focuses on the five senses

While efforts are being made by the Caribbean Tourism Organization to market the Caribbean as an attractive tourist destination, individual countries are doing their fair bit of work to promote their unique products.

Last Monday, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board unveiled a new brand campaign “Lift Your Senses,” that captures vacation moments in a fresh, journalistic style. It is designed to evoke an emotional response and portrays the essence of Saint Lucia as an island that literally lifts visitors’ five senses – sight, taste, hearing, feel and smell.

“From strategy development through to execution, the ‘Lift Your Senses’ campaign truly captures what sets Saint Lucia apart from other Caribbean destinations in a way that we believe will differentiate our island in an extremely crowded competitive set,” said Louis Lewis, Director of Tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, in making the announcement.

According to a release from the St Lucia Tourist Board, the campaign, which is presented in a series of vignettes, brings the reader or viewer closer to the on-island experience through a combination of close-up shots and experiential imagery.

Headlines tie each of the five senses to the variety of ways to stay and play on Saint Lucia to reach romance/bridal, family, adventure/dive, yachting and other key markets. Conversation within the body copy ties back to the central idea that Saint Lucia “lifts” all the senses.

The island is also focusing on hotel development and hotel improvements. For instance, Six Senses, the global company with luxury operations in Europe, Asia and Africa, will assume management operations of Freedom Bay St. Lucia, a luxury hotel and spa resort with private residences. This will be Six Senses’ first presence in the Americas according to the island’s tourist board.

And another island that is doing their own marketing is the spice isle of Grenada. Some US$375,000 grant from CARTfund, administered by Caribbean Development Bank, will be invested to expand and develop the country’s marine and yachting industry.

“Grenada as a yachting destination is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean and it is time for the secret to be revealed,” explained Anita Sutton, President of Grenada’s Marine and Yachting Association (MAYAG).

The centerpiece to Grenada’s destination marketing is a 15-minute video on the island, its people and culture, and its world-class marine and yachting attractions. The video was recently launched at a public event where Grenadians were encouraged to participate in the campaign by sharing and supporting the video on social media. It can be seen on YouTube at
Grenada is investing in the training and certification of its yacht maintenance and technical staff, a security protocol to ensure that Grenada remains the Caribbean’s safest yachting destination, and steps to streamline the clearance requirements for yachts travelling between Grenada and St. Vincent.