St. Lucia to get its first technical training school for women

In a groundbreaking move to empower women in the construction industry, Sephton Spence, the president of Kubbie Con, is spearheading the establishment of the first technical training school for women in St. Lucia, named SL Enpowher. The project aims to equip women with essential skills in masonry, framing, electrical work, plumbing, and other construction-related fields.

Sephton Spence

The initiative took a step forward with a donation of tools and equipment, valued at approximately $45,000 US, from Kubbie Con. The tools were shipped from Toronto, Canada, with the assistance of KLC Shipping and are intended for use at the Piaye Secondary School. However, the project encountered a setback when the tools, upon arrival in St. Lucia, were stored in the Ministry of Education’s facility and not released to the intended school. This delay has raised concerns among the project’s supporters, including major contributors Milwaukee and Golden Brown.

Despite this obstacle, the project is making progress in other areas. Two women from St. Lucia are set to travel to Canada for instructor training, sponsored by Kubbie Con. They will undergo a two-week intensive course, funded entirely by Spence, at a cost of $12,000 Canadian dollars. The training is crucial for the school’s success, as these women will become the first licensed instructors by the Workers Health and Safety Commission (WHSC) in the Caribbean.

Mon Repos Catholic School

The school’s future location is the old Catholic school in Mon Repos, which is being leased and renovated for the SL Enpowher Women Trade School. The renovation, estimated at half a million dollars, will transform the dilapidated buildings into a modern training facility. In addition to technical training, the school will offer evening learning programs for the community, enhancing educational opportunities in Mon Repos.

Furthermore, the initiative includes a partnership with George Brown College in Canada. Graduates of the St. Lucia program will have the opportunity to further their education in construction at George Brown College, facilitated by SL Enpowher Training, a prerequisite program for Caribbean students.

Spence’s vision for SL Enpowher is not just about building structures; it’s about building futures. By equipping women with the skills and certifications needed in the construction industry, the project aims to break barriers and create a more inclusive and empowered workforce.