St. Vincent-born woman pleads to stay in Canada

Michael and his mom Kaytura Creese

A St. Vincent-born woman whose claim for refugee status in Canada was turned down in March last year, is appealing to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to allow her to remain in the country after her son was murdered in  Trinidad on Friday.

Kaytura Creese, 31, has written to Minister Hussen, begging him to review her case after she learned that her 20-year old son, Michael, was  gunned down.

Creese who claimed that she was a victim of  sexual abuse, said that seven years ago she came to Canada from Trinidad where she grew up, to escape the violence which she experienced there, and was looking forward to  be reunited with her son in Canada.

He was staying with  relatives.

According to media reports from Trinidad, her son who worked at a grocery, was  gunned down at a house on Firecracker Avenue, La Horquetta, in North Trinidad  on Friday evening  when men “stormed in” and began shooting indiscriminately.

Two other men were wounded in the incident.

Relatives of the dead man said he was longing to rejoin his mother in Canada and ” start a new life.”

“Now I am too scared to attend my son’s funeral in Trinidad,” his mother told the Caribbean Camera.

“I fear that my life would be in  danger, if   I returned to Trinidad,” she said in her letter to Minister Hussan.

She also fears that could be deported back to Trinidad although a “removal order” has not yet been issued against her.