“Standing still is not an option,’ says President of Brock University

Dr Lancelot Brown Dental scholarships to Zavian Buchanan and Zabrina Kerr as other recipients look on

President and Vice Chancellor of Brock University, Dr Gervan Fearon, called on scholarship

recipients at the Jamaican Canadian Centre in Toronto on Saturday night to” define objectives” not just for themselves but “for the next generation.”

From left: Ayomide Fakuade, Benjamin McDonald, Micheala
Palmer and Toluwalope Falade are presented
with the Dr Ezra Nesbeth foundation scholarships

Dr. Fearon who was born in England of Jamaican parents, was the keynote speaker at the Jamaican Canadian Association ‘s 15th annual scholarship awards.

He said his parents came to Canada  ” looking for opportunities.

“And not just employment opportunities  but opportunities for the education for their children.”

Noting that his parents had a ” very defined objective” for their children, he challenged his

audience ” to ask yourself what’s your defined objective not just for yourself but for the next generation.”

Dr. Fearon pointed out that there is a constant rise in the level of education needed  in order to enter the workforce successfully.

Standing still is not an option, he said.

Tracing the history of Jamaican Canadian Association Scholarship awards,  Dr. Sylvanus Thompson, chairman of the scholarship team, noted that it started 15 years ago with just one student and $1,000.

” Now we have handed out just over half a million dollars and we are celebrating with 32 recipients in the room and scholarships valued at just under $50,000.”

This year’s scholarship recipients were:

Brithney Hanson  -Dr. Mary Anne Chambers Scholarship

Cheree Hawthorne  – Professor Erma Collins   Scholarship

Zavian Buchanan –    Dr. Lance Brown Dental Scholarship

Zabrina Kerr  – Dr. Lance Brown Dental Scholarlship

Quinton Costley  – JCA Walk Good Scholarship

Sierra-Anne Conville –  JCA Walk Good Scholarship

Tsahai Carter  – Eva Smith Bursary

Osten Conville – Marcia Brown Productions Scholarship

Shiloh Bell-Higgins – Roy B. Stewart Memorial Bursary

Tamara Williams  -Marcus Mosiah Garvey Scholarship

Qasim Newell – York Regional Police Scholarship

Arielle Neil  – Dudley Laws Memorial  (BADC)  Scholarship

Yanet Daniel Tekle – Dudley Laws Memorial (Humber)  Scholarship

Rebecca Louis –  Dr. Gervan  Fearon Scholarship

Thomas Kean –   Hon. Judy Sgro Scholarship

D’Matrik Hamilton – Humber College Scholarship

Klay Box –  Humber College Scholarship

Darius Samuels  – JCA Past President Scholarship

Alvin Henderson  –  JCA Walk Good Scholarship

Jeremy Ahwai-Chang  -Tiffany Harris Scholarship

Nicholas Brooks  – Errol Grant Snr. Memorial Scholarship

Morikia Williams  – Friends of JCA Scholarship

N’Keyah Burton – Raphaelita Walker Memorial Scholarship

Cahieja Redway – Campbell Family Scholarship

Samantha Alicia- Kaye Riley – I Have a Dream Scholarship

 Shantel Hyndman  – Fay Conville Memorial Scholarship

Aishat Shipeolu  -Natalie Lewin Scholarship

Ayomide Fakuade  –  Dr. Ezra Nesbeth Foundation Scholarship

Benjamin McDonald  – Dr. Ezra Nesbeth Foundation Scholarship

Micheala Palmer  – Dr. Ezra Nesbeth Foundation Scholarship

Toluwalope Falade  – Dr. Ezra Nesbeth Foundation Scholarship

Jermaine Cowie – Marcus Mosiah Garvey Scholarship