Static continues over York U radio change

Though it’s considered a done deal by management of York University campus radio station CHRY, now VIBE 1055 which severed relationships with volunteers on April, 30, for those affected, the fight continues to “save CHRY.”

A group of concerned York students, former staff members, board members and programmers, along with community members, business owners and donors, have begun the #SaveCHRY campaign in an effort to ensure station management remains accountable to the community and to ensure community access continues..

A third meeting was held yesterday (June 10) to update on community organizing and efforts to establish petitions to voice concerns with the changes at the station. One organizer told The Camera they have discussed “strategies for involving community members in future organizing.”

According to those involved with Save CHRY, “while VIBE1055 may retain aspects of the content, we cherish as community members, the cultural and political context – the very ethos of the station – has been jeopardized.”

At the first two community meetings, concerns were voiced that VIBE 1055 has “unaffordable and inaccessible advertising rates” for community organizations and local businesses compared to those CHRY offered. They also claim non-consultation with community donors and neglect of coverage of current local and international events.

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