Students celebrate ‘International Day of the African Child’ with Masai Ujiri


from left to right (Joseph Galiwango, Lindsey Marshall, Amanda Burnett, Lynn Strangway, Trustee Dan MacLean, Audley Salmon, Jacqueline Spence, Jason Kandankery, Angelika Bell, Director Colleen Russell-Rawlins, Karen Murray, Jeffrey Caton and Masai Ujiri)

Students at Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute joined Masai Ujiri, Vice-Chairman and President of the Toronto Raptors and Giants of Africa Co-Founder, to celebrate the International Day of the African Child. The event, held on June 16th, aimed to honor the memory of the Soweto Uprising in South Africa and raise awareness about the need for quality education for African youth.

Nearly ten thousand Black students marched in Soweto in 1976 to protest the segregation enforced by the Black Education Act. The Soweto Uprising, marked by tragedy with over a hundred students losing their lives, serves as a poignant reminder of the fight for education rights. Since 1991, the International Day of the African Child has been observed on June 16th to commemorate the Soweto Uprising and champion access to quality education.

Masai Ujiri, renowned for his dedication to empowering African youth, delivered a powerful message emphasizing the importance of education in unlocking their potential. The event included a presentation and the generous gift of new technology from LG Canada, highlighting the role of innovation in bridging educational gaps.

Colleen Russell-Rawlins, Director of Education, also attended the celebration, underscoring the commitment of educational institutions to promoting equality and inclusivity. The event left the students feeling inspired and equipped with valuable resources for their educational journey.

The International Day of the African Child celebration at Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute united students and leaders, amplifying the voices of African youth and fostering hope for a brighter future. With figures like Masai Ujiri and organizations like Giants of Africa leading the way, the pursuit of educational equity for all children continues to gain momentum.