Students NY trip gets pulled

By Shyreen Ramsumair


New York seems like such a nice place, doesn’t it? Especially for a Grade 8 graduation trip. You know the hotel nights, Madison Square Garden, The Yankees Game, they all add up to a great experience.

Matter of fact, my school planned to go! Everyone was so excited to go and explore somewhere they haven’t been before. Imagine this, going somewhere new and with your classmates. This experience is very different from the experience you would have with family members. Well, this whole plan was a bust when our principal announced to us that we aren’t going to be going on this trip anymore. When he made his announcement in the cafeteria he told us that a large amount of students said yes on the form, but a large amount of people said no as well and that their reasons for not going are important and that no one will be going on this trip.

This announcement seemed pretty unfair to most of the people in the cafeteria that day. He told us some basic facts but all the students knew that this was not the full story. We wanted to know and we want to know now. Sadly, he hasn’t given us any information about this.

Some students have spoken to a couple of teachers and they have told us that if we really have our heart set on going to New York then we should write a letter to the Superintendent and start a petition to try and get another chance for the arrangement of this trip.

How did this turn out? Stay tuned to find out.

To be continued….


Shyreen Ramsumair is a junior journalist with The Camera