“Styled” – new Canadian home reno TV show Caribbean style

By Lincoln DePradine

Caffery Vanhorne and Nicole Babb

Jamaican-born Caffery Vanhorne, who is co-hosting a new Canadian television show focusing on home design and renovations, says he brings his Caribbean background to the weekly program on HGTV.

The TV show, which premiered this past Tuesday, is titled “Styled”. It’s co-hosted by Vanhorne and Nicole Babb.

“Coming from a West Indian background, you’ll see so much about family and laughter and all the typical jokes that you’ll get from being around a Black family and a Black-owned business,’’ Vanhorne told The Caribbean Camera. “Expect all of those jokes and references to food; and, we most certainly wear a lot of outfits.’’

HGTV, a cable and satellite specialty channel headquartered in Toronto, broadcasts programs not just relating to home design and renovations, but also to real estate and garden design.

“Styled”, which runs for one hour starting 8 pm on Tuesdays, “follows a real-life company’’, Vanhorne explained. “These are jobs that we do for people in real life. Some of it is definitely our own clients; and, some of it are people that want to get stuff done and they seek us out.’’

Vanhorne said he and Babb set out, in their work that is viewed on TV, on tackling projects that would appear to be million-dollar jobs on completion.

A fashion designer, Vanhorne also has worked in the beauty industry.

His professional working experience, he said, has allowed him the opportunity to interact with many clients and “to really get to know people and what they want. The part in beauty helps you with client relations; helps you to understand people right away’’, said Vanhorne.

“The part with design – especially coming from fashion – is you’re able to have a point of view on colour and shapes and all those things.’’

Co-host Babb, said Vanhorne, “has a wonderful staging business. Her company is all about getting your house ready to be sold. So, when you combine all of those skills sets, you actually get the best of both worlds’’.

Some home projects are complete overhauls; but, not all, said Vanhorne.

“The nice thing about our show is that not every home gets torn down completely. We’re going to spaces and we make them beautiful. In our show, we’re focused a lot on houses that are being staged for sale. We also have some viewers who just want their house to be the most beautiful version of itself,’’ he said.

“Sometimes, we show people just how to work with the existing space that they have; and, how they can make it look the best right where they’re at, without having to tear the place apart. Maybe, they can add a coat of paint, bring in some nice furniture and make it look like a million dollars.’’

Kitchens and bathrooms are given special attention in the renovation and beautification on “Styled’’.

In each episode of the show, “we take on two major projects. You’ll ses us do one smaller project and one larger reno’’, said Vanhorne.

“You want to focus on things that you’re going to have a good use of and a good return on your investment,’’ he added.

“Something you’ll see on the show a lot is we do quite a few kitchen renovations. That’s a space in the house that we spend a lot of time as a family, or when you’re partying. When there are potential buyers coming to look at your home, some of the things that they really study are kitchens and bathrooms.’’