Summa Lime for three angels

Summa Lime for three angels
By Gerald V. Paul

When The Caribbean Children Foundation (TCCF) Caribbean Flava Summa Lime happens on Saturday, Aug. 16 in Mississauga it will be more than just “A Fun-Filled Family Day” as three precious children will be on their minds.

“Funds raised from this event will benefit the surgical cSeriahare of three angels – as we lovingly call the children – from Trinidad and Tobago who have been approved for surgical care at Toronto’s own Hospital for Sick Kids,” Jay Brijpaul, president of TCCF, told The Camera on Tuesday. The event starts at 12 noon in Area B of Wildwood Park, 3430 Derry Rd. E.

According to Brijpaul, a businessman and philanthropist, the three beloved Angels are: Eight-month-old Emily Isabell, currently receiving care at Sick Kids for heart valve repair; one-year-old Seriah in need of bowel reconstruction and Maya-Sophia, 8, who has been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF) an inherited condition that has high risk of tumor formation. In Maya-Sophia’s case a tumor on her neck is affecting the brachial plexus nerve.

Seriah and Maya- Sophia are awaiting surgery dates.

Guyana born Brijpaul said Caribbeam Summa Flava Lime is in its eleventh Maya Sophiayear, and this year among the artistes are David Record, Canadian rapper, executive producer and poet; Stanley Mann, with his Chutney vibes and the Rajkumarie Academy of Dance.

Also, a mega hit last year, and returning by popular demand is the Ontario Science Centre’s traveling exhibition. Children and parents engaged in quality time while exploring science in action. The experience is about exploring possibilities.

Brijpaul thanks the student volunteers from GTA secondary schools, working in tandem with the event co-ordinator, who assist in a variety of areas, including stage management, groundskeeping and food service.

“The purpose of TCCF is to assist poor children from the Emily IsabellCaribbean suffering from life-threatening ailments for which no treatment is available in their country.

“Absolutely no one is paid a salary or wages. TCCF is managed and run entirely by volunteers. Every penny goes directly to the cause. Since the TCCF was started in 2000, we have helped over 55 children get the care they need. We have raised and paid out over $1 million towards the cause,” Brijpaul said.