Sunlime Canada will hold a ‘virtual’ band launch

By Stephen Weir

Sunlime mas from 2019

The Sunlime Canada mas’ band’s annual launch is coming to a computer near you. 

On Sunday, March 29, the ever-popular medium sized band will be staging a live fashion show that can  be seen only on the internet.

“ We are trying something new for Toronto, a virtual launch,” said Sunlime spokesman Niles “Whitey” Koski. “ We were going to have a standard launch party and then we decided to be strictly online.”

“ We aren’t doing this because of the virus.  I have been asked that a lot lately,” he told the Caribbean Camera. “ But no, we came up with the idea back in December.”

Sunlime isn’t saying, at least not yet, exactly where the launch will be held. It will be in a hall somewhere n Toronto, where there is enough room for a large stage and professional lighting to make for good Internet viewing.

DJ Toxic and MC Kevin Carrington will be the on-air ringmasters,

There will be a small live audience  – the media, designers and band supporters – but Sunlime organizers are hoping that carnival fans around the world will log onto the free show.  The live feed will be carried on the band’s website ( and on its Facebook and Instagram sites.

The mas’ camp, run by veteran “carnivaller” Dwayne Gunness, will have male and female models showing costumes for all body types and sizes.  The costumes that will be worn for the broadcast are what carnival  revelleres can purchase, if they plan to ” jump up”  with Sunlime at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade on August 1. The LBJT-friendly band plans to have nine sections performing at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival’s first “virtual launch.”

The show begins at 6 p.m. and is expected to last  90 minutes. Following the event, revellers can order costumes at Sunlime’s website.  The camp hopes that it soon will be able to be able to offer hotel and event ticket package to out-of-town purchasers.

Sunlime will have a real live mas’ camp, but not just yet. The organizers are looking in Scarborough for a suitable location to build their floats, design their costumes and hold a few pre-parade fetes.

“Sunlime Canada has developed a core of artisans responsible for the design and construction of costumes and floats,” explained Gunness.

Last year the medium sized band placed seventh in the Grande Parade.

Sunlime hopes that the virtual costume launch will spur sales and increase the size of their band to allow them to compete in the large sized band category (1,000+ costumed players). 

Sunlime has chosen Unleashed as its theme. 

What does that mean?

“It’s all about the release of  of our pent up energy -the sudden release of an uncontrollable force,” explained Koski.

 “After months of cold, snowy, slushy, winter,  now is the time to let your inhibitions go and energize your life by playing mas’ with Sunlime,” he added.