Symposium builds on investment links

Symposium builds on investment links
By Jasminee Sahoye

An investment symposium is scheduled for October in Toronto to connect Caribbean business leaders with Canadian investors and lenders.

Caribbean Investment Symposium is the first of its kind to be organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), celebrating the region’s vibrancy and diversity.

The symposium is aimed at promoting understanding of the Caribbean investment environment and strengthening corporate relationships and identity within the region by building trust and gaining the confidence of Canadian investors.

It will also showcase investment opportunities in the Caribbean and provide a business-to-business environment with open dialogue and networking between participating representatives of Caribbean governments and potential investors.

“The Caribbean’s stable political climate and its premier location, along with attractive initiatives that include tax incentives means there’s great potential for successful foreign investment,” said Sylma Brown, head of CTO’s New York Office, which is also the organizer of the current Caribbean Week Toronto.

This investment symposium is a demonstration of the leadership role that the CTO is taking to help harness this potential while fulfilling its mandate to bring industry leaders together to work towards the betterment of the region.”
Participants are expected to include private-sector investors from investment firms, executives of growth corporations, developers, venture capitalists, top officials from financial institutions and insurance companies, as well as Canadian government officials in tourism, transportation, trade, finance and economic and foreign commercial affairs. They will share information, network, build relationships and explore ways to expand their businesses in the global market.
Caribbean Week in Toronto caters to the diverse needs of participating entities and destinations through a combination of events targeting the media, trade, businesses, consumers and the Caribbean Diaspora.
For details on the symposium and the Caribbean Week Toronto schedule, as well as how to participate, visit or call the CTO’s New York office at 212-635-9530.