T.O. student’s goal: From homeless to Harvard

“An amazing story of a young lady who I met many years ago,Toni is a reminder that there is no mountain too high nor valley too low,” Barbadian-born RBC executive Mark Beckles posted on Facebook about Toni Morgan.

Morgan’s trending Mission for Harvard Tuition, GOFUNDME, has raised more than $45,000 since the campaign launched last month.

Tuition plus living expenses for an international student is US$71,000 – roughly $50,000 for tuition, including mandatory health insurance and other fixed student fees – plus $22,000 to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

To secure her visa to attend the school, she must provide evidence of the funds by May 15.

“I’m a high school dropout with an unconventional academic path. So I’m doing a Masters of Education with a focus on non-traditional / alternative education (i.e. arts education),” she writes.

“With that type of specialization, I get to enroll in classes at the Harvard Business School, Harvard Law, and MIT,” notes Morgan.

Growing up homeless in Toronto and never having a chance to to finish high school, Morgan managed to overcome the obstacles of poverty and marginalization and obtained a Ryerson degree.

“In the long run, I want to combine my policy and strategy background with my education. This will allow me to support alternative education organizations that focus on the arts, digital learning and economic development in a meaningful way.”