Caregivers given two paths to citizenship

By Sukhram Ramkissoon On Oct. 31, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced significant reforms to the Caregiver Program that acknowledges the valuable contributions caregivers make to Canadian families and the economy. Changes to the program include ending the live-in requirement, and providing eligible caregivers with two pathways that will lead to permanent residence within six […]

Citizenship granted in error must be revoked

By Sukhram Ramkissoon In September 2013, an applicant attended before a citizenship judge in Hamilton, swore the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and committed to faithfully observe the laws of Canada. She was issued a certificate of citizenship and left at the end of the ceremony a Canadian citizen. Or did she? […]

Major changes to Citizenship Act

By Sukhram Ramkissoon  The changes in the Citizenship Act accelerate citizenship for permanent residents serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as well as foreign nationals on exchange with the Forces. Members of the Armed Forces and those on exchange with the Forces who have served for one year less than the residence requirement would qualify […]

A plea for non-status West Africans

To: Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Dear Mr. Alexander, I am sure that you are aware there may be thousands of undocumented persons from West Africa who are here in Canada as failed refugee claimants or otherwise without legal status. I am counsel for a failed refugee claimant from Sierra Leone who has […]

Canadian citizenship: Apply now and vote later

The major changes made to Canada’s citizenship and immigration laws and policies in recent times pose serious dangers for immigrants and their families. Fortunately, there are two courses of action that need to be taken with some urgency, to secure one’s interest now and to punish the uncaring perpetrators of second-class citizenship and residency by […]

Fewer snags in gaining citizenship

Fewer snags in gaining citizenship Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says recent changes to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act are already paying big dividends. In a press release, he says citizenship backlogs are at their lowest level in more than two years and applications are being processed more efficiently. The government’s overhaul of the […]