Caribbean must consider ebola seriously

By David Jessop LONDON, England – The first thing to be said about the ebola crisis is that the region should be very proud that among the first to fully understand the seriousness of the threat and respond was a Caribbean nation: Cuba. It, almost alone in the world, recognized early, the extent of the […]

A plea for non-status West Africans

To: Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Dear Mr. Alexander, I am sure that you are aware there may be thousands of undocumented persons from West Africa who are here in Canada as failed refugee claimants or otherwise without legal status. I am counsel for a failed refugee claimant from Sierra Leone who has […]

Obama effort paltry vs Cuba’s ebola aid

By Glen Ford The real vector of mass death stalking West Africa is not the ebola-carrying fruit bat but a global capitalist system that has plundered Africa for centuries. Public health services are perceived as a threat to global capitalism; private profit is the system’s aim. When Ebola had clearly become unmanageable, President Barack Obama […]