Teddyson John joins St. Lucia gala

Teddyson John
Teddyson John

Teddyson John will be the feature performer on Saturday at St. Lucia 37th Anniversary of Independence Gala Celebration.
He “will replace our former feature act Boo Hinkson who is unable to join us,” Ross Cadasse, president of Saint Lucia Toronto Association told The Camera.
Cadasse said Hinkson is unable to join their event due to an error made by the company they hired to secure the latter’s visa, causing a delay in his Canadian visa processing.
The event will be held at Brighton Convention and Event Centre.
St. Lucian-born John, “famous for working with Machel Montano Destra, Kerwin Dubois and other Caribbean greats,” said Cadasse, is most popularly identified by his soulful crooning.
Affectionately referred to as TJ, he is a vocalist, drummer, keyboardist and percussionist.
TJ is the producer and headliner of U4RIA, a much-anticipated concert on St. Lucia’s Carnival calendar.
Cadasse noted that “since becoming St. Lucia’s first Groovy Soca Monarch in 2007, TJ’s musical journey has considerably progressed.
“In light of this we have been able to secure St. Lucia’s most popular soca artist Teddyson John who recently competed in the soca monarch finals in Trinidad and Tobago. He’s a versatile performer with the likes of Patti LaBelle, James Ingram and Bebe Winans.”
Cadasse added that with TJ joining them they would like to add another facet to their celebration: limited tickets for the dance part of the evening, starting at 11 p.m., at a reasonable price.