Teenager Dezaray Morris is well prepared to become a nurse


This A+ student was a stalwart in the “No One Goes Hungry” program in her community

By Lincoln DePradine

Dezaray Morris

One of the most in-demand professions in Canada and elsewhere today, with the world still battling the Coronavirus pandemic, is nursing.

Teenager Dezaray Morris plans on joining the nursing fraternity and she’s being assisted by the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH).

Morris, an 18-year-old that grew up in Oakville, is the recipient of the CCAH’s 2021 scholarship.

CCAH, in selecting Morris for the $500 award, was impressed with her scholastic record at Garth Webb Secondary School, where she was an “A to A+ student and has been on the Honour Roll throughout high school’’. 

The association also credited her for her school, community and volunteer work, including assisting with NOGH – “No One Goes Hungry’’ – a program of the CCAH.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CCAH said more than 14,500 meals were served to people in the community through the NOGH program.

“Dezaray was heavily involved with the ‘No One Goes Hungry’ initiative, where she supported in getting meals to those with food insecurities in Halton,’’ a CCAH spokesperson said. “Her volunteerism demonstrated commitment to building a harmonious community and exemplified the CCAH four pillars: culture, community, harmony and education.’’

In addition, Morris has volunteered with other community ventures such as the TD Summer Reading and a 2018 and 2019 Children’s Day Festival.

Through her volunteer experiences, said Morris, she has learned “the importance of community and true connection’’.

Morris is leaving Garth Webb Secondary for Brock University for nursing studies. She has signaled that she intends on getting involved in clubs and volunteering opportunities at Brock and within the Niagara Region.

“Dezaray is eager to begin her post-secondary education,’’ the CCAH spokesperson said. “When deciding on a career path, she came up with a set of criteria. She wanted a job that would be challenging, interesting, and would give her the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives daily. Nursing seemed to be an excellent match for her ambitions.’’

The CCAH has been awarding student scholarships since 1987. However, the awards’ ceremony was cancelled in the past two years because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The estimated value of the scholarships provided since it was inaugurated 34 years ago is $17,000.