The Black Agenda arrives just in time for election 2021

Tope Akinbiyi

The Black Agenda is a space that has been created by a non-profit nonpartisan group lead by Tope Akinbiyi of Data & Scientific Inc and Anthony Joseph of the Caribbean Camera. The intent is to have it function as a channel for disseminating information, broadening the scope of awareness of current affairs, particularly in the Black and Caribbean community, and encouraging political engagement.

For the next few weeks in the lead up to the federal election, the focus will be on voting issues from how to register to vote; to help in filling out the new mailing voting packages; how to vote if you are away from your home and much more.

We won’t stop there; we will have discussions with candidates and we will be sending questions to the leaders of the major parties to see where they stand on Black issues. If you would like to submit a question or two, please do.

The Black Agenda is not meant to duplicate any existing platforms that serve our community, instead we hope to complement them; so we invite all

Anthony Joseph

community-based organizations to join us in getting the word out in order that we can be at the table. Remember, if you are not at the table, you may not have a meal.

The Black Agenda will have an interactive component both on the web site and on our Facebook page, where you can get fully engaged by joining the conversation, you may also submit issues that matter to you and the community, particularly in regard to the upcoming election.  We will draw from your submissions to feature specific issues on a regular basis.  

Post-election, the Black Agenda will cover such topics as digital security, cyber security, financial investments and other topics.  Knowledge is power.  We hope to bolster knowledge on those issues which impact us on a daily basis and exercise the power we wield.

Who will benefit from the Black Agenda is simple: anyone who is eligible to vote or has someone close who is eligible to vote. Many not yet eligible but want to follow the political trends in our community will benefit from this as well.  The community will benefit by having our issues front and center of the conversation even though we are not targeting specific age groups.  The information will help guide discussions from the classrooms to the boardrooms.

What to expect from this site is honest information on issues that matter to the Black and Caribbean community on several topics including but not limited to:

  • Elections, voting and political content from the Black community’s perspective.
  • Political parties and candidates
  • Political platforms
  • Finding your riding
  • All Black & Caribbean – Canadian candidates
  • Exercising your voting rights
  • What the community want from the political parties

A key feature of the site will be a blog that will keep you up to date on the issues. You mat also sign up to receive it automatically.

We hope you check in often!