The ‘Caribbean Heritage Month’ commess

Letter  To The Editor

The ‘Caribbean Heritage Month’  commess


The Official:
Caribbean Heritage Month Flag

Dear Editor,

When it comes to commess and bacchanal, no one, it seems, can beat the people from the Caribbean.

We are past masters of the art of bacchanal.

And we didn’t leave this art behind when we migrated to Canada. Oh No!

You might think that a simple matter such as declaring one month of the year “Caribbean Heritage Month” can be done without confusion.

But this ceretainly has not been the case.

Recently, one Member of the Provincial Parliament introduced a bill in the Ontario Legislature calling for the month of October to be declared “Caribbean Heritage Month”.

Shortly afterwards, another Member of the Provincial Parliament introduced a similar bill  – but calling for August to be declared “Caribbean  Heritage Month.”

And as Camille Kerr, President of the Caribbean Women’s Society, reported, this is causing “confusion, division and outrage ” within the community.

Why is it that Caribbean people in Canada cannot put aside their petty squabbles and work together in the best interest of their community.

Over the years of its existence, we have seen no end of commess and bacchanal in the annual Caribbean carnival.

When will this problem end?

Let us remind ourselves that unity is strength.

Yours truly,

John Blunt