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March 13th 2013
The Coalition for Persons with Disabilities is hosting a two day event; the INSPIRING PARTNERSHIPS LUNCHEON on March 13th at the Mississauga Convention Centre, from 11am – 3pm and on May 16th at the Burlington Convention Centre from 11am-3pm. Keynote speaker is Frank O’Dea O.C. LLD.
INSPIRING PARTNERSHIPS brings together Community Leaders, Employers and Community groups to raise awareness and inspire action, by acknowledging that Canadians with disabilities face unique challenges in securing employment. Employers are urged to commit to policies and practices designed to encourage and promote the full participation of all Canadians in the labour market. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities are given the opportunity to realize their full potential by providing incentives to employers who hire this group through its continued support of funding programs at the Coalition for Persons with Disabilities.
“Hiring persons with disabilities makes good business sense” said Linda Soulliere, Executive Director for the Coalition for Persons with Disabilities, “Diversity in hiring reflects the makeup of the community. An inclusive society values the differences and grows stronger because of it”
INSPIRING PARTNERSHIPS will include testimonials from representatives of participating employers, Service Canada representative and an inspirational address by the keynote speaker, Frank O’Dea,, CEO and Co-founder of Second Cup. Frank O’Dea is a celebrated Canadian business person and speaker with a strong message. His intriguing profile of homeless person to co-founder of Second Cup is a powerful success story, overcoming disability. With warmth, humour and his engaging speaking style, in his Courage to Hope speech, Frank relates his business and personal experiences that are a true testament to triumph over adversity. Starting with stories of his days of living on the streets, in this powerful speech, Frank recounts how he went on to co-found the Second Cup and a number of other successful international businesses and charities. Audiences are captivated as Frank talks about the business and personal crises that he faced along the way and how he was able to deal with them. He shows that the key to his successes is being able to remain focused on his vision. Audiences learn how he was able to do that and how they can adapt the same method to their own business and personal lives.
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