Ryan Gosling Shines in ‘The Fall Guy’ Comedy Remake

‘The Fall Guy’ a paradoxical blend of uninspired narrative and captivating performance

Ryan Gosling, and Emily Blunt, in The Fall Guy

Movie Review By Janet Grant

The film, a reimagining of a classic TV show, treads a well-worn path with its story of Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling), a stuntman navigating the treacherous waters of Hollywood. However, the script’s lack of originality is evident in its predictable plot twists and clichéd character arcs. Gosling’s portrayal is the film’s linchpin, infusing a lackluster script with his undeniable charm and wit. His comedic timing and on-screen presence elevate the material, providing a lifeline to an otherwise mundane plot.

Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt,

Gosling’s chemistry with co-stars, particularly Emily Blunt, adds a layer of authenticity to the film. A standout scene featuring Winston Duke showcases meta-comedic brilliance, with Duke’s character breaking the fourth wall and delivering a hilarious monologue that is one of the film’s few highlights. Gosling’s commitment to the role, including performing stunts, brings a level of enthusiasm that is palpable and infectious.

However, “The Fall Guy” stumbles in its attempt to be more than the sum of its parts. While littered with clichés and predictable twists, the plot still manages to provide surface-level entertainment. It’s a film that seems content in its mediocrity, relying heavily on Gosling’s performance to mask its narrative deficiencies, yet it still holds a certain charm that might pique your interest.

The film does offer moments of genuine humor, with clever nods to sci-fi classics and a slapstick style that resonates with audiences. These instances, though sparse, are the film’s shining moments, providing a much-needed respite from its overall lack of originality. It’s a movie that will likely find a modest audience on streaming platforms, offering a light-hearted escape rather than critical acclaim.

In essence, “The Fall Guy” is a testament to Ryan Gosling’s ability to transcend material. His performance, a beacon within a sea of banality, is a masterclass in charisma and talent. The film, releasing on May 2, 2024, may not be a cinematic milestone, but it serves as a showcase for Gosling’s undeniable talent and the enduring appeal of a well-executed leading role.