The Heist of Guyana

(Courtesy: The Kaieteur News, Guyana)

Over the past few months we (The Kaieteur News, Guyana) brought to you a series of articles entitled The Heist of Guyana. This first series forms part of a larger sequence called Connecting the Dots in which we intend to bring to the public’s attention how certain events and decisions are linked to each other.
Our first installments were enthusiastically received by the public. Many expressed their appreciation for the series, explaining that it placed things which they presumed were unrelated, into proper perspective and was able to show how certain actions were related to each other and part of a wider enterprise. In other words, we were successful in connecting the dots. Others have said that through this first series we have provided an invaluable service to the Guyanese people by exposing much of the wrongdoing that is taking place under the promotion of economic development.  We thank the public for its responses to the series so far.
We are now concluding another in the series which dealt primarily with Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, Bharrat Jagdeo and the Sanata Complex.
In the meantime, if there is any information that you the members of the public feel that we may have overlooked or if you know of anything that we and the wider public should know about or if you know of any scam or scheme being orchestrated by the higher echelons in the country, feel free to contact the publisher of this newspaper (The Kaieteur News, Guyana), Mr. Glenn Lall (  Your identity and the information that you provide will be kept in the strictest of confidence.