“The Skin We’re In” by Desmond Cole’s

By Stephen Weir

Cole at CIUT

The Howl Radio Show scored a big media scoop when they had author Desmond Cole on air the night before the official launch of his guaranteed blockbuster book The Skin We’re In. CIUTFM 89.5 aired the 20-minute long interview last Tuesday at 10pm.

Cole’s sold-out launch was booked for Wednesday evening at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Howl is one of the longest running book radio shows in the country (20+ years). Show host Jane Bullis took Cole through his new work, a book which looks at racism in Canada in 2017 and, as he says, punctures the smugness of a post-racial nation.

Cole chronicles 2017 – Canada’s 150th birthday year and the month of January 2018. It’s all about the struggle against racism in this country. It was a year, he writes, that saw calls for tighter borders when Black refugees braved frigid temperatures to cross into Manitoba from the US, Indigenous land and water protectors resisting the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, police across the country rallying around an officer accused of murder, and more.

Desmond Cole photo By: Kate Yang-Nikodym

Desmond Cole is an award-winning journalist, radio host and activist in Toronto. His writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, Toronto Life, The Walrus, NOW Magazine, Ethnic Aisle, Torontoist, BuzzFeed and the Ottawa Citizen. He hosts a weekly radio program every Sunday on Newstalk 1010.

On Wednesday night, the Art Gallery of Ontario, surprised traditional museum-goers by hosting a huge sold out launch for the book. “As museums strive to become more inclusive and welcoming to all audiences, no conversation feels more timely,” explained the downtown gallery.

Tuesday night’s interview has been posted on the CIUT-89.5FM website.  The Caribbean Camera will be reviewing the book and talking to the author before the author embarks on a cross-country promotional tour.