The future of movies and communication is here. Please take the 25 min to view this short movie its great and I think its theme is a reality in Toronto has well.

Here are some comments about the movie let me know what you think.

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stop08it 1 week ago
is this an extreme or is this how it really is in LA?
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Rayven Choi 1 week ago
Unfortunately this pretty much sums it up for LA. Or at least what my friends and I have experienced :-(.
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Rayven Choi 2 weeks ago
Thanks for all of your comments guys! There is no next episode. This is just a short film that we wanted to showcase for all of you :-).
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Jamie Broadnax 1 week ago
Thank you. Yes…deep-seated racial issues. I respect the correction.
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Guaria del Bosque 2 weeks ago
“Go on! Get your avocado!”
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