The Womack Sisters to release new music in 2022

Womack Sisters

Introducing The Womack Sisters. As the granddaughters of the legendary Sam Cooke, daughters of renowned songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack) and nieces of singer-songwriter and R&B icon Bobby Womack, music runs through their blood.

They recently released their single, “Blocked,” a sultry r&b track laced with 70s influences. The self penned track was based on a real life experience of “dealing with a relationship where you’re being disrespected, disregarded and left with no choice but to cut that person out of your life.” Their upcoming debut EP comes out late May 2022.

The LA based female girl group consists of siblings BG, Zeimani, and Kucha, all gifted with impeccable vocal range, style and versatility. Some of their musical influences outside of their own family include Lauryn Hill, Michael Curtis Mayfield, Sade and TLC

Living in the glow of their family legacy, the sisters are now ready to step into the spotlight, share their talents with the world, and introduce a new wave for their generation.

Would you keep The Womack Sisters on your radar for emerging R&B acts in 2022? I will also be happy to share more music.